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Diagnostic procedure, what Pratt’s will do for you.

Step 1. Scan of offending system to:

A. Read stored and present fault codes.

B. Analyse live data.

Step 2. Preliminary investigation of codes and data which may require:

A. Pin out checks on offending circuits, (if electrical)

B. Manual checks on actuators, i.e. injectors, coils, control motors etc.

C. Fuel system pressure and delivery testing.

D. Compression, cylinder leakage , vacuum test on engine.

E. Lambda correction, gas checks on exhaust emissions.

  You will be informed of our the result, following two hours of investigation.

 Step 3. In-depth investigation depending on preliminary results, if required:

A. Tracing location of short or open circuit within the wiring harnesses.

B. Removing items for bench testing or mechanical inspection.

C. Part strip to gain access to check engine valve timing etc.

D. Programming if required, of control units, computers, sensors and activators, via dealer tooling.













What we will do for you.

Identifying vehicle problems since 1983.

Your car deserves specialist treatment! From check-ups to engine transplants, There are few independent garages which can support their customers with manufacturer’s genuine computer interrogation systems. Pratt’s have the dedicated computer systems for the Citroën, Peugeot and Renault ranges and top  aftermarket serial code readers for most other manufacturers.

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