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You can have what you want, we suggest you consider one of three options.

1.Small service, oil and filter for high mileage vehicle, which we see more than once a year.

2.Major or annual service.

3.Service and MOT

MOT testing is offered. Your vehicle is prepared by the Pratt's team and sent for an independent assessment of our work - your MOT.

Pratt's will select the correct grade of oil for your vehicle. A full service will also include a complete strip down and repair of the vehicle braking system.


We recommend that your vehicle enjoys both fuel system treatment and engine oil cleaner, flush. These products are not cheap, however if you intend to keep the vehicle they represent excellent value for money.

  Servicing  Computer Assisted

Identifying vehicle problems since 1983.

Your car deserves specialist treatment! From check-ups to engine transplants, There are few independent garages which can support their customers with manufacturer’s genuine computer interrogation systems. Pratt’s have the dedicated computer systems for the Citroën, Peugeot and Renault ranges and top  aftermarket serial code readers for most other manufacturers.

Members of the Good Garage Scheme

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